Wedding Day : From Head To Toe

Mar 16, 2017,


First I’m gonna share about my dresses for the wedding, I have each gown for the holy matrimony and reception. Initially, I want it to be simple and delicate, but after a discussion with hubby and elsie chrysilla, I agree to add more details like pearls and swarovski to make it even prettier and elegant. So here they are :



This dress is an A line dress with an arm-length nude tulle sleeves, and the great thing is, it’s decorated with pearls lining on the shoulder and spread on the sleeves, also, it comes with a pearlized veil to match everything together. What else to ask?

Throughout all the preparation for wedding day, it will likely feels like buying pig in a poke. You make a deal, you pay for it, yet you don’t know how will be the final result look like. For someone with a high control sense like me, I want to be able to make sure I get what I want from the beginning. But world doesn’t always run like you want it to. So what I can do is trying my best to find the best for me. Gladly, I know someone like elsie. I always love her taste on fashion, and one day I ask her to make me a bridesmaid dress for a friend’s wedding and I got so many compliments for what I was wearing. Not only it looks great and shape my body perfectly, it also has a good sewing quality. From that time, I know, I don’t have to worry about my dream wedding dress.

To determine the wedding dress design, I show her my preferences, tell her my wedding theme, my decoration mood board and the type of your venue and the size. It will narrow down the choices and make it even more easy to the decision making process. Sometimes you can’t get all the details done in one meeting and that’s okay, she’s very open to hear me out when it comes to additional details. Just make sure it doesn’t change the whole design and she’ll have enough time to do it.



While the first dress have some volume, I choose to have something body-fitted with a bit of mermaid shape and also a cape.


If you have a difficult feet size or you want a customised one like mine, look up for @cavaprive. Together, @cavaprive and elsie work out to create these beautiful shoes. The shoes are embroidered with pearls mimicking the dress pattern to bring all as a whole. I’m confident to say that the shoes is comfortable and made with good material.  I also love how it give that additional height on the platform without looking dull and bulky, in fact it looks pretty. See for your self..


Every leaf and flower is matter to me. I have with me exactly one picture of a hand bouquet from Pinterest and I want it so badly to be at least 99% alike. Can you make one like this? I want it to look like nothing but this, do you think you can do it for 18 feb? That’s more or less what I’m asking to Tika, the girl behind @ladyandflowersjakarta. She said yes and I bet on her. I also ask for boutonnieres and bridesmaid’s hand bouquet together.

On the day, I have to say I’m impressed with the result. She gave me what I ask, nothing less and nothing more and that’s perfect! Sometimes people have a good intention and initiative to add a little bit of this and that without asking, aside from the good intention, that is something we don’t want, so it’s not really good. I’m thankful and happy for the hand bouquet and my hubby love his boutonnieres as well.

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