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Mar 23, 2017,

Aside from the different material, the shape of faux lashes also comes in various model, from natural to the dramatic one. Each model has a different characteristic resulting a different eyeshape. Unfortunately, choosing the right one might be quite hard for some people, there’re so many brand available in the market and they look like one to another, also we can’t really understand how would the end result look like.

Ughlalas are selling locally made lashes that comes in both natural and bold style. There are 16 style of lashes that you can choose from.

I’ll be using 6 of Ughlalas lashes that you can use as a reference to choose the right lashes. Started from the most natural to the dramatic one. Even so, please note that there’s still a chance that it might not look exactly like what are shown on the photos because we all gifted with different type of eyes. Mine is slanted and monolid, and by the way here are they :

1. Lumi


humble and natural

Lumi has a short hair, but even so, it’s quite full with medium thickness. The lashes’ band is thin which makes it comfy to wear. This will be suitable for daily look as it doesn’t look too much.

2. Posh


airy and light

Posh is the thinnest of all, it has a few hairs and it’s quite short compared to the others. I would say this is a great starter if you just introduced your eyes to faux lashes. The light-weight lashes will go easier on your first time wearing the faux lashes. This will also looks good with that no-makeup makeup look.

3. Eloise


casually flirty

This one is longer on the outer part, maybe that’s why it looks flirty. The hairs has a crossing arrangement making it look more natural. Even it’s quite long, I won’t say it’s in the dramatic category as the hair isn’t too full. It’s look quite heavy on zooming but from far it’s rather look airy and soft. If you want to stack your lashes to build thickness, this can also be the filler.

4. Burgundy


attention seeker

The Burgundy has the length of Eloise, but it has a fuller hairs with a straight arrangement, making it looks dramatic. The lashes’ band is thicker than the previous two, but it doesn’t make my eyes droopy, instead it helps to push up my eyelid and open up the eyes.

5. Gwynne


thin yet so long

To open up the eyes, long lashes would be one factor that contributes to it, even tho when it’s thin. Gwynne opens up the eyes without looking over-powering the rest features on your face like Burgundy does. This lashes feels light on the eyes and great for you who wants extra but don’t want to go to far. I would also love to use Gwynne as the filler.

6. Alyx


short but thick

It’s the exact opposite of Gwynne. With a fuller hairs, it opens up the eyes beautifully even it’s shorter. For my eye type, this works and looks better as it’s lifted the eyelids even more. This will be great to use as the first layer if you want to doubled-up your lashes game.

That might be all for now, just keep in mind that this is only a reference. Don’t stuck by it, I encourage you to be more explorative and have more experiment with any kind of lashes you think you might like and see how it works on your eyes. The lashes can look slightly or maybe entirely different depending on your own eye type.

Ps. This is not a sponsored post. Ughlalash send me the products but I don’t have any obligation to do this post or any kind of review. Anything that I write is an honest opinion based on my personal experience while using the products.

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