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Apr 6, 2016,

I’ve been wanting to try this toothbrush style makeup brush since the first time I saw a set of Artis Brush on Instagram, following by Mac Masterclass Brush. They are pretty much sharing the same idea and price range just different style of handle. But here, I’m about to share the dupe that you can get from online like here and here. Of course at a price that won’t tear apart your wallet compared with the two big brand. Now let’s talk about how is it worth the hype!

What does make it different from other usual brush? It’s the handle and the way we grip the brush. The brush also tilted in certain angle to make the best experience for us using it. It allow us to get the most of the bristle surface followed with a convenient pressure when applying product, either to buffing in or blending them. Generally speaking, the brushes are divided into 3 categories :


Oval brushes are best for applying all over product like foundation, powder, and bronzing. The smaller size will be great for applying blush, highlighter, and contouring. In the set, there are Oval 10 that will be great to apply body product like shimmering lotion, tanning product, sunblock, etc. Oval 8 and 7 which is ideal for applying foundation, powder, and bronzer. Oval 6 the one that best for applying blush, highlighter, contouring, but also can multitask for applying foundation if you want to. The smallest one, Oval 4 is the kind of brush that I will use for blending my nose contouring and highlight on the nose bridge, under eye concealer or pack on powder under the eyes to bake/set the concealer.


From what I read and learned, the Circle brushes are purposed for eyes and lips makeup application. The Circle 1 with flat surface is made to mimicking the shape of the angled flat top on lipstick bullet, aiming for that sharp and precision edge. The reality? Not happening guys! I don’t know if the Artis Brush will works, but this similar dupe is absolutely a deal breaker and disappointment. My lipstick looks messy and it leaves the line marks, nothing is clean and sharp. I remove my lip makeup immediately.

The other one, Circle 1R, means round i think? The surface came in round shape with dome tips, that makes application focused at one desired spot but at the same time still soft. I can use it for blending my eyeshadow and building intensity on the outer or inner corner of my eyes.  Other than that, I also try to use it to blend eyeshadow under my waterline to achieve smoked out eye makeup and guess what, my eyes didn’t get watery as usual, I’m praising the softness and comfy feel it provides.


At first, the brush looks confusing but once I figured the purpose it seems make sense and I give it a try. All the Linear brushes are made to make a crisp lines or linear shape, either along your upper or lower lash line, fill in or defining your brows, up to outlining your lips. The result? Nothing’s meet my expectation.

With Linear 1 My brows looks more defined in terms of the color but the shape is not sharp and clean enough for me, it looks blurred. I also didn’t find it suitable for any eye makeup application. The brush aren’t flat and stiff enough to apply eyeliner, and it is too awkward to apply eyeshadow. The only think I can do with this brush for eye makeup application is to smudge out an eyeliner, which can be done using cotton bud alone. I also tried to outlining my lips with Linear 3, which feels inconvenient and unpractical. I don’t think the product was meant for all the functions mentioned.

Linear 6 was a different story, as the brush purposed to create linear shape, I tried to use this Linear brush to contouring my nose. I utilize the length of the brush to draw a straight line on the right and left of my nose bridge, creating an illusion of slimmer and taller nose. The brush made it easy as 123 for me to do my nose contouring.


I wanted so bad to like this brush set, but honestly I think I only need four from the set. It does work, but it doesn’t work better than the common makeup brush especially for eyes makeup application. I will only suggest you guys to get the Oval 6, Linear 6, Oval 4, Circle 1 R. These are my four faves that I thought works just beautiful on applying product. The density and the softness of the bristle make the application smooth and comfortable on the skin. Now, will I use the set for my makeup application in daily basis or for clients? I’ll grab those four faves, but no thanks for the rest, my usual brush works just great for me.

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