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Half Skull for Halloween |Daily Makeup Products

We’re entering a crazy makeup season when October comes as the Halloween is happening in this month. People are seeking for ideas and having fun with the makeup and so here I am with this tutorial makeup using only daily products!


Golden Brown

If you are looking for makeup tutorial to attend a night event such a wedding party, charity night, fancy dinner


Cut Crease For Monolid

Do you wear eyelid tapes to create the double eyelid effect? I do, but not when I go outside the house. I just don’t like how the eye makeup look when my eyes are closed with the eyelid tape on it.


Halloween Makeup Vol.3 : Big Bad Wolf

Unlike the first two post in Halloween edition makeup tutorial, in this post i’ll share with you guys a couple Halloween look for boys/girls. The themes is based on European fairy tale : Little Red Riding Hood. I’ll share with you how to do your makeup as Litte Red Riding Hood as well, read the tutorial here.


Halloween Makeup Vol.3 : Little Red Riding Hood

This is a series tutorial related with the Big Bad Wolf tutorial here. In this tutorial, i’ll implement a little bit SPFX makeup for the scratch on the Little Red Riding Hood’s cheek. As for the rest of the makeup, it will be easy and simple, using a usual beauty makeup.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Halloween Makeup Vol.2 : Bunny Kitty

Yes, you read it right, Bunny Kitty. And what the hell was that? Well, it’s just a result from my stupidity


Halloween Makeup Vol.1 : Sugar Skull

Almost the end of October! Time does fly by. I hope it’s not too late for me to share this classic Halloween look, Sugar Skull. Personally, I really think this is a good look for Halloween, it has that creepy looking face but not to the point to scary, also it still allow us to look pretty somehow. Let me share with you guys a step by step pictorial to recreate the look!


Soft Glam Smoky Eyes

I wish you have a good hair day today. Mine wasn’t at its best, but i think still photogenic enough to let me take some pictures. So today i’m gonna show you how i apply soft glam smoky eyes without using any glitter.