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The Beauty Of Oil

I’m perpetually fall for oil beauty products since the first time I introduced my self to rose hip oil. To


The Perfect Product To Dress Your Brows

Brows, i think we just can’t care less when we do our makeup. For some people it’s everything because it give such a huge difference to the face. It does frame out the face. That’s why you need to find the perfect product to dress your brows.


Smudgeproof Maybelline Master GRAPHIC Marker Eyeliner

Eyeliner was the first makeup i learned to wear, it was such a big part of my makeup, a must, well it’s still my fave makeup to wear tho. My fave eyeliner was Maybelline hypergloss eyeliner, but i guess this time is the right time to say goodbye! I must say that i’m head over heels with this liquid marker eyeliner. It’s super good and works like magic. It’s fingers-snap easy and fast to get your perfect flicked eyeliner done. As you can see down below it has triangle pointed, just like highlighter pen and when you turn it 90 degree you can actually benefit from its pointed shape to create that flick i mentioned earlier.


Introducing Melt Cosmetics

It’s been a while since the last time i posted makeup review in this blog. I’ve got some new products but this one is seriously deserve an exposure. I’ve been curious to try this melt cosmetics ever since i’ve saw so many beauty blogger and MUA like @sarahmcgphoto, @ssssamanthaa, and @jlinhh rocking their shadows stacks, you hear me right, stacks.


L’OCCITANE Immortelle Collection Review

Immortelle. It sounds similar to the word immortal, isn’t it? Well they also shared similar meaning which is everlasting/eternal. Immortelle is actually a name of a flower best known for it’s exceptional longevity even after it has been picked. L’OCCITANE found out and patented the use of the flower for anti-aging purpose. They use one of the variety of Immortelle flower, Corsican Immortelle, because its high concentration of unique anti-aging ingredients : Neryl acetate. Our older generation even use it as a burns treatment and help to reduce bruising.