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All About My Wedding Makeup

As I promised before, I’m gonna share my wedding makeup in my blog. Honestly, I still can’t believe I finally did my own makeup on my wedding day, on this Feb 18 & 19.


Faux Lashes 101 for Monoliders

It’s unbearable, lashes has a big role making the eyes look alive and bigger. The thing is, it’s not the easiest thing to do to it right. Not only we have to find the most compatible one among a hundred style, we also need to master the right technique for certain eyes shape on each individual.


Bio Essence Royal Jelly + ATP

Jujur aja aku jarang denger kandungan Royal Jelly dalam produk skin care, atau paling enggak itu bukan ingredients favorite-ku. Biasanya aku lebih memilih yang standar seperti teh hijau, madu, mawar, dll. Tapi ternyata ada alasan kuat lho kenapa Royal Jelly digunakan dalam industri makanan dan kecantikan.


Lucious Lips with ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick

In the midst of matte lipstick glorious era, sometimes I do left my lips bare without any single product on top of it because eventually, I get tired of dry and tight lips situation and how matte lipstick accentuate the lines on my lips which looks so unattractive.


District X by PAC : Get Ready For Splashes Of Colours

It was the first week of this month when PAC, launched District X in Jakarta Food Fashion Festival at Atrium Mall Kelapa Gading 3. Me and other blogger including @cherylraissa, @minyo33, @ririeprams, @nonahikaru, and @buleipotan was invited to the event and participated in a beauty class with Kiky Lutan, which happens to be one of Indonesian celebrity MUA such as Luna Maya and Ashanty.


Beauty Avengers What?

You might heard or saw some Instagram posting related to #SariayuBeautyAvengersChallenge, but what this Sariayu Beauty Avengers Challenge is really


American & Korean Makeup Comparison

Basically my makeup style is a little bit of both American and Korean style, but before i found my own personal style I do follow each one of the style, one at a time. Learning and observing both style, I discover the interpretation of beauty from each culture is different and all I do is embrace them. They are different, but doesn’t mean one is better than another because they both has their own beauty. We just need to find the one that most suitable for ur skin and style.



It’s always mesmerising to see the pro experimenting splash of colours and using so many different medium to create a top notch look, but no matter how cool that is, admiring it is the furthest we can do about it. This Fall, the runaway is being awesome to us, there are so many look that we can recreate easily at home from the gothic looking lippies to bronzy eyes.


Gold is The New Black

Hi! Finally made it to the blog again. I’ve been doing makeup evry fckn day and night because i’ve been struggling with my monolid eyes. I want to do different thing from what i usually did with my eyes. I’m trying cut crease and this centre highlighted eyeshadow and this one so far my fave.


Smudgeproof Maybelline Master GRAPHIC Marker Eyeliner

Eyeliner was the first makeup i learned to wear, it was such a big part of my makeup, a must, well it’s still my fave makeup to wear tho. My fave eyeliner was Maybelline hypergloss eyeliner, but i guess this time is the right time to say goodbye! I must say that i’m head over heels with this liquid marker eyeliner. It’s super good and works like magic. It’s fingers-snap easy and fast to get your perfect flicked eyeliner done. As you can see down below it has triangle pointed, just like highlighter pen and when you turn it 90 degree you can actually benefit from its pointed shape to create that flick i mentioned earlier.


Face Paint Of The Day : Primary Colours

Doing makeup is quite like doing painting but using the face as the canvas and today i literally paint my face. I’ve been meaning to do this a while ago but i also have a lot more makeup look i want to do, but today is the day. I decided to do this painting kind of look for my face paint today


Introducing Melt Cosmetics

It’s been a while since the last time i posted makeup review in this blog. I’ve got some new products but this one is seriously deserve an exposure. I’ve been curious to try this melt cosmetics ever since i’ve saw so many beauty blogger and MUA like @sarahmcgphoto, @ssssamanthaa, and @jlinhh rocking their shadows stacks, you hear me right, stacks.