Smudgeproof Maybelline Master GRAPHIC Marker Eyeliner

Mar 6, 2015,

What I Love About

Eyeliner was the first makeup I learned to wear, it was such a big part of my makeup, a must, well it’s still my fave makeup to wear tho. My fave eyeliner was Maybelline hypergloss eyeliner, but I guess this time is the right time to say goodbye! I must say that I’m head over heels with this liquid marker eyeliner. It’s super good and works like magic. It’s fingers-snap easy and fast to get your perfect flicked eyeliner done. As you can see down below it has triangle pointed, just like highlighter pen and when you turn it 90 degrees you can actually benefit from its pointed shape to create that flick I mentioned earlier.


This Maybelline Master GRAPHIC is a water based. It’s quickly dried once you draw the stroke, not that opaque but gladly you can keep build up the intensity of color so it becomes real black. Just keep working on until you get what you want. On the photos above are two kinds of strokes that you can get from the marker. I’ve been scrubbed it like crazy to see if it’s smudge proof and it is! You can see me scrubbing it hereAfter that, I also did a waterproof test by spraying some water and it’s messed up in an instance like right away. You obviously can’t wear it if you’re going to do any outdoor activity and sweat a lot, also in the rain season, or when you can sense that it’s going to be an emotional sensitive day that involved tears.


Another thing that you should take as a consideration is your eyelid skin type. I have a dry skin on the lid and it works, but for my cousin, she’s been experiencing different thing. Somehow the product won’t stick and stay or show any color. Even when she built up the color and strokes so many layers of it and I realize that’s because she’s having oily skin type. Take notice that I’m talking about when we’re wearing the eyeliner alone without any eyeshadow applied beforehand. So I will say that the product will more likely work for them who has dry skin. But if you want to give it a try, maybe you can put matte primer first before applying the marker eyeliner to reduce the oil content on the skin surface.


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