Face Paint Of The Day : Primary Colours

Mar 2, 2015,

Doing makeup is quite like doing painting but using the face as the canvas and today i literally paint my face. I’ve been meaning to do this a while ago but i also have a lot more makeup look i want to do, but today is the day. I decided to do this painting kind of look for my face paint today

Here i’m going to share how i did this makeup look and all the product i used. I hope all of you can enjoy reading this post and i hope this can be an useful information to learn more about makeup. Here we go.


  • First thing first, i put my moisturizer since the paint might be feel a bit stiff as it dried out. I also think of it as a barrier between the skin and makeup.
  • Following by the foundation, i buff it into the skin with real technique brush buffing brush.
  • With various size of painting brush, place the colour you desired on your face. Play with the strokes and the intensity of colour. You can just flick it, lightly brush it to the face or give it more pressure to get highest level of colour intensity. If you confused about the placement, just think about contouring and highlight of the face. Put dark colour as contour and bright colour as highlight. Don’t forget to paint your hair as well to bring the look together.
  • Lastly, apply your lipstick and paint some strokes on top of it. Make sure you have a thin layer with great pigmentation, later on when you paint on top of it, it won’t easily mixed up with the paint.


Moisturizer : Bioderma Nourishing Cream Foundation : Kryolan Ultra Foundation 24 Palette Paint : WOLFE Face Art & FX Lip balm : Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Lipstick : Etude Vivid PopStick in No.8 Crazy In Love Painting Brush

And that’s it! Give it a try because sometimes things are not as hard as it seems, believe me!


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