Gold is The New Black

Mar 10, 2015,

Hi! Finally made it to the blog again. I’ve been doing makeup evry fckn day and night because i’ve been struggling with my monolid eyes. I want to do different thing from what i usually did with my eyes. I’m trying cut crease and this centre highlighted eyeshadow and this one so far my fave.

I’ve been meaning to practice non-purposed makeup, means i didn’t start my makeup to prepare any blog-posting material at first. But hey, i love this look and i thought i can share with anyone who have been seeking for monolid makeup inspiration. I’m so sorry this is such a bad pictorial but i promise i’ll try my best to run through all the step by step in details. Here we go!

How I Did It

  • From a distance i spray MAC Fix+ to hydrating my face, let it absorb for a while and then i used Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick (That’s a long name for a product, isn’t it?) in 02 Natural. The formula is to thick and heavy so i damp my brush a little with MAC Fix+ then buff it into the skin sooo easilyyy. I believe you won’t forget your powder to set your foundation after, will you?
  • Finish with my base, i continue with outlining my brow and fill it in with La Femme eyebrow pencil and because it’s too brown and too light for me, i used All About Gel Liner from The Face Shop and fill in my brow one more time. Using brow brush i lightly fill it in just to deepen up the colour.
  • The eyes, well this is the best part. Using a medium taupe colour shadow slightly above your crease to gives you the illusion of wider eye lid. Then fill the centre of the lid with gold coloured shadow using @makeupgeekcosmetics Magic Act foiled shadow. This is to help you to place your black eyeshadow on outer and inner corner (think of a guideline), so it’s okay if you don’t have enough pigmentation. Then of course you place the black shadow in the inner and outer corner. For the outer corner i put dark brown before the black and blend it outwards after. That way you’ll get more dimensional look rather that flat blended black. Back to the gold shadow, keep build up the colour on the centre lid then blend it back and forth to make a good transition with the black colour. Now, using small tapered brush, blend a medium taupe colour shadow followed by the black shadow as tight to your bottom lash line. Bring it upwards to blends with everything else. Are you still with me? We’re half way there, c’mon!
  • Make sure all the shadows have enough blending, if it’s done you can continue with the winged liner and eyeliner on the upper lash line as well as the bottom lash line, you want to give it a go to your waterline as well. Don’t forget to have some cotton buds in case your eyes get watery. Now, you can curl and apply mascara on your lashes, if you have none like me you can attach some fake lashes too aaaand that’s it for the eyes!
  • For the contour i’m using contouring powder with angled blush brush. Run the brush from the ears then flicked it towards the mouth. If by any chance it’s getting too dark you can apply powder on top to loosen up the colour a little bit. But always try to build it up rather than taking off the products.
  • Applying my red devil lipstick with centre ombre i’m using Caring Colours Happy Lip in Cherish Ruby on the outside (so do not fill in the centre part of your lips) then i fill the centre of my lips with Caring Colours Happy Lip in Bronze Nude. Smack your lips together to blend the lipstick, lastly put again the Cherish Ruby lipstick on the outer lip to keep the outline strong and clean. Don’t be shy do give it a smack  again for several times in the end. Now you have the lips and we’re almost doneee with this makeup look.
  • Powder everything and get rid the shininess and lastly apply your setting spray! DONEE DONEEEE DONEEEEE!

Products I Used

  • Foundation : Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick in 02 Natural
  • Powder : The Face Shop Loose Powder
  • Brow : La Femme Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe + TFS Black Gel Liner
  • Eyeshadow : Revlon ColorStay Quad Shadow in Moonlit (2,3,4), Melt in Dark Matter, and Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow in Magic Act
  • Eyeliner : Maybelline Master Graphic Marker Eyeliner and Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil
  • Mascara : Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Express
  • Contour & Highlight : LT Pro Kit 01
  • Lipstick : Caring Colours Happy Lip in Cherish Ruby and Bronze Nude
  • Lashes : Ardell 120 Demi Black natural
  • Setting Spray : MAC Fix+

So that’s a wrapp! I hope this can be somehow useful for you guys, either you can learn something new or it can be an inspiration look for your makeup. Cheers!


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