Cleopatra Of Egypt

Feb 6, 2015,

This Is Why I Love Makeup

If should i can point out one thing why i do love make up so much, it’s because the way it can transform us physically into someone else, something else. Not that i don’t love my own appearance, my bare skin, my naked face. Fact is i do love it as much as i’d love to put some makeup on. Think of people who love their body but of course they do love to get dressed up, getting accessorised, pairing clothes with bags and shoes, etc. I’m talking about fashionista here. That’s how i love my makeup, with makeup i can mix match eyeshadow with my lips and i can dressed my brows and i can add colour to my face, and so on and so on. Other way to see it is to look at it as an art with the face as the canvas. That’s pretty understandable i reckon.

Brief History

As you can see i did a look-a-like makeup as a Cleopatra of Egypt here. It’s interesting for me to know about how makeup have its role in that life era. Make up was used for both man and woman, applied differently based on their social status. The higher their status, the more makeup they put on. Egyptian focusing their eye make up to enhance the lashes, lids, and brows with black and green as their favourite colour.

How I Did It

  • First thing first, have a thin layer of good primer.
  • Then apply foundation until you achieved a full coverage.
  • Always lock your foundation to keep it in place and get rid the shininess from the face.
  • Fill in your brow with powder or pencil then brush it, finish with clear brow gel or not. Whatever your choice.
  • Next, you want to prep your eye with white based cream. It will bring out the colour even more vibrant.
  • Put a gold shadow in the inner corner of the eye and followed by green shadow just right beside the gold one, also on the outer eye corner. Then with cream based shadow in metallic blue in the centre of the eyelid, i put blue metallic shadow on top of it and blend with green shadow i already put before.
  • Now get you gel liner in black and draw winged line towards the inner corner of the eye as well as to the outer. Smudge it and blend away the harsh line.
  • Further step, you need your liquid liner with fine and precise applicator to draw the graphic line just under the bottom lash line.
  • Last but not least, contour where it needs. Cheeks, jawline, temple, nose bridge.

Products I Used

Foundation : Kryolan Ultra Foundation 24 Palette Loose Powder : TMT HD Translucent Loose Powder Brows : La Femme Shadow Palette (Mixture of Black and Brown) Eyeshadow : Coastal Scents Metal Mania Palette Eyeliner : Face It All About Gel Liner in Black & Maybelline Hypergloss Eyeliner. Contouring & Highlight : LT Pro Shade & Tint Kit 01 Lipstick : Caring Colours Happy Lip Colour in Bronze Nude

  So i think that’s make it a wrap, any questions or comments? Just write it down below. I’ll see you later on the next post!


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