Introducing Melt Cosmetics

Mar 1, 2015,

meltIt’s been a while since the last time I posted makeup review in this blog. I’ve got some new products but this one seriously deserves¬†an exposure. I’ve been curious to try this melt cosmetics ever since I’ve seen so many beauty bloggers and MUA like @sarahmcgphoto, @ssssamanthaa, and @jlinhh rocking their shadows stacks, you hear me right, stacks. Melt cosmetics have their palette in magnetic stacks which is a new thing for makeup packaging for me. It’s not that convenient since you won’t be able to see all the color unless you release each of the stacks but I kinda don’t care. I’ve got their shadow stacks, which are Dark Matter and Love Sick Stacks and two out of thirteen lipstick that they have. It’s in Dark Room and Summer.

The Swatches

On the left are swatches for Love Sick stacks and Dark Matter stacks on the other side. As it seen, Love Sick has 2 shimmer shadows while Dark Matter is entirely matte. As for the pigmentation, they are great like really great. Some of them won’t even needed an eye primer. They just stand out, especially promiscuous, dark matter, unseen, and amelie. These swatches are taken indoor with the help of soft box lighting with just mobile camera with no enhancement editing at all.

MELT-REVIEW4 Here’s my first makeup look using promiscious, amelie, dark matter, and enigma. I also used promiscious for my nose and cheek contouring, lastly i also dab it on the centre of my lips.

Melt Lipstick

As for the lipstick, same thing does applied, their products’ pigmentation are just great. I also love the consistency of the lipstick, it’s not too creamy or buttery that i can keep build up the colour without making my lips look lumpy. And more importantly, it stays but then it’s easy to just wipe it off later without leaving too much stain. Sounds legit, huh?


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