Lucious Lips with ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick

Jun 22, 2016,


In the midst of matte lipstick glorious era, sometimes I do left my lips bare without any single product on top of it because eventually, I get tired of dry  and tight lips situation and how matte lipstick accentuate the lines on my lips which looks so unattractive.

Then ULTIMA II kindly sent me this ProCollagen Lipstick, which I hesitate to try on at first, because one–It’s shiny and two–It comes with glitter. I cannot stand so much shine in my life after bonding a love-hate relationship with matte lipstick.

How It Turns Out

But that doesn’t stop me from being curious kid, I thought I just want to see how it turns out on my lips. You know what, change is never easy, and it takes a while for me to see my self in the mirror with glossy and shiny lips. But after a while, I started to realize how great my lips texture appeared. Rather than showing lines and wrinkle on the lips like what happens with matte lipstick, this one resulting a fuller lips effect that hides fine lines and glides perfectly on top of my not-so-moisturized lips. My guess is because ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick has the Extract Marine Complex and Shea Butter that soften up the lips and also ProcollagenTM that support the revitalization of collagen production in the lips surface.

Well Performed

No matter what shade the lipstick is, every single one of ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick perform really well in providing an ultra soft feeling on the lips. This benefits me a healthy, nourished, and fuller looking lips. Not only that, the subtle color that it provides can be build to your liking. So I can use it for a light daily wear with sheer coverage or I can reapply and build the color for bolder result whenever I want to attend special occasion, all that for only IDR 190.000.

Here are the swatches of ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick taken indoor with a help of continuous light, in the shade:



This one is my fave! The warm pink looks so appealing on my lips, making it looks sweet, innocent, and kissable. I would definitely go with this for daily makeup look but this will also makes a perfect shade for wedding day.



This one is the least fave from all, just because I think it’s too warm on my skin. But if you have a darker skin with golden/orange undertone then it might be suits you perfectly because it will pop up and goes well with the undertone you have. Apply a single or two layer for your daily look and more for a night occasion.



Judging by the color from its bullet, I thought it won’t fit me. Surprisingly, I love this one so much! Red might be look a little bit challenging to wear, but with the formula I feel that it’s so easy to apply bold color like this ULTIMA II ProCollagen in glamberry. I feel sexy, bold, and outstanding with how the lips compliment the whole makeup look. This would be stunning for evening or night occasion.


For the price of IDR 190.000, ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick given you a quality and luxurious feel that well delivered through its creamy formula and its minimal yet sturdy packaging. Not only functioning as a makeup, the lipstick also work well as a lip care with it’s Extract Marine Complex and Shea Butter that soften up the lips and also ProcollagenTM that support the revitalization of collagen production in the lips surface. I realize how fuller and healthier my lips appeared with these lipsticks, no more lips wrinkle.

Last but not least, don’t let the shiny finish fool you, the color might be look subtle at a single glide on your lips, but it can be built to your liking. And if you didn’t find any color that matches your fave color, there are still 9 more shades that you can choose from, ranging from brownish, purple-ish, pink, and red tone. My tips is to choose the lipstick like you choose your foundation, it’s best when it’s matched to our skin tone and so does with the blush. For example, if you have a warm skin tone and let say you pick an orange based lipstick, and then choose blush color with warm undertone like terracotta or peachy color blush.


On the other side, shiny lipstick has this general characteristics which are easily move and transferable, means it’s easy to disappear from the lips as we talk, eat, and drink. Touch ups is something that you need to do frequently to maintain the color and longevity.


I think our lips deserve the comfy and the luxurious shine sometimes, and this lipstick is a perfect one in mid range price.  Not only gives us a desirable variety of colors, the formula also maintain the texture of the lips. Matte lipstick maybe still in current trend, but a trend doesn’t always fits for everyone in all time. If you like a shiny finish lipstick than this one is absolutely for you to try, but if you are more a matte person lipstick like me, I personally think you should at least give it a try and experience it yourself the long forgotten comfy when wearing lipstick.


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