Jun 30, 2017,

As I promised, I’m going to share my eyelids stitch experience at Nana Eyebrow Beauty PIK (Pantai Indah Kapuk). A month ago, on May 26th 2017 to be exact, I decided to get a double eyelid. For me this is a big decision, that’s why the plan has been on and off for 6 months until I decided I really want the double eyelid.


The reason is because I have different sizes of eyes, the right is bigger since it has a subtle double eyelid, while the left is more small and downwards toward the outer end. Not to mention that the difference getting more obvious if I wear full makeup with eyelashes on. I’m sure, If they are in the same size I won’t be doing this procedure. I’m proud and loving my monolid eyes and I do know the best way to do my makeup on my monolid eyes. Well, there’s this curious side of me too that keep wondering what it’s like to have double eyelids and fortunately it won’t last forever they said, only 5-10 years max.


There are some beauty houses in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia which provide such service for eyelid stitch, but I choose Nana after I viewed some review by titantyra and vivichen on their Youtube channel. Also, In Nana Eyebrow Beauty, eyelids stitching is a part of their primary service, not secondary. So they must have done the procedure a lot and that makes them really experienced in this.

At Nana Eyebrow Beauty there are 3 qualified people who can do this invasive treatment. With Nana, it will cost you 8.5 million rupiah, 6.5 million rupiah with Xiaowei, last but not least 5.5 million rupiah with Wiwin. I take my chance to ask what is the different between them and found out it’s all about experience. With different experience, they have a different speed doing the treatment. When Nana did my eyes, it takes 1 hour (no fat extraction). If you have experience with Xiaowei or Wiwin, you can also share your experience on the comment box down below..

The prices stated above are valid for the double thread treatment, but of course you need to confirm first in case there’s a price update. They used to have 2 priceless for single and double thread. The single thread will cost less than the double but it only last 1-2 years and people been complaining about it. That’s why  they didn’t do the single thread anymore.


Honestly, it will take sometime before I can like what I see on my eyes. As I said, I actually love my monolid eyes, but it’s like having a long hair wanting a short hair and vice versa. I always worried for the first month, I feel weird and never get used to it everytime I stand in front of the mirror. I also have a mixed opinion from friends in addition, making me less confidence about it. Some say it looks great, while the rest say they love my monolid eyes more. I agree to the second opinion due to the long-term recovery process and it doesn’t look really great. On the first week I said to my self that it’s just the beginning and it’s really natural that it get swollen, second week I started a little impatient because it looks terrible, the third week I feel like I made the wrong decision and the fourth week is the turning point, I can see that it’s look better and better, the stitching lines starting to disappear.

So don’t be surprised if in this video you will find that I kinda feel like I’m making a wrong decision. I still on my third week when I made this video. But now the story is completely different, I’m glad for what I did, and I love this double eyelid as much as I do love my monolid eyes.


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  • Both monolid or double eye lid, you’re still beautiful, but personally, I like the monolid 🙂

    Btw, I have an oriental face, and sometimes Indonesian people thought I was a tourist (foreigner) from Korea. haha

    Now my age is 30, and I don’t know why, my eyes turned from monolid to double eye lid, I didn’t do anything, and don’t want it, and I want my monolid back. I think this is because I gain more fat on my face, so my eyes changed.

    • Actually, the first three months I was regretting my decision to go with double eyelids. I have to change my makeup style and missing my monolid so much. That’s why I sounded discouraging when I talked about my eyelids stitching experience in my youtube video. But as for now I’m comfortable with them and get used to it. I realize both mono or double has its own place in my heart, both are equally beautiful. I wish I can switch between them anytime.

  • Hi Tina..

    Sekarang berarti sudah 4 bulanan ya… Ketika menutup mata apakah bekas stitch nya terlihat? Dari yg saya dengar kalau pas Mata terbuka memang terlihat natural, tp bekasnya terlihat waktu menutup mata

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the late reply, baru buka lagi blognya. Ketika menutup mata bekasnya masih keliatan dikit. Selama satu tahun memang ketika merem masih belum 100% hilang bekasnya. Tp aku bs liat semakin lama semakin ilang sih.

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