Halloween Makeup Vol.1 : Sugar Skull

Almost the end of October! Time does fly by. I hope it’s not too late for me to share this classic Halloween look, Sugar Skull. Personally, I really think this is a good look for Halloween, it has that creepy looking face but not to the point to scary, also it still allow us to look pretty somehow. Let me share with you guys a step by step pictorial to recreate the look!

give me some lip

Give Me Some Lip

It feels like a long time since the last time i wear a juicy looking lips with a burst of shine. For almost a year, often time i go for matte or velvety finish lips, like most everybody does. Yes, matte lipstick is quite a trend for these past years. From balm to liquid, from nude to dark.


American & Korean Makeup Comparison

Basically my makeup style is a little bit of both American and Korean style, but before i found my own personal style I do follow each one of the style, one at a time. Learning and observing both style, I discover the interpretation of beauty from each culture is different and all I do is embrace them. They are different, but doesn’t mean one is better than another because they both has their own beauty. We just need to find the one that most suitable for ur skin and style.



It’s always mesmerising to see the pro experimenting splash of colours and using so many different medium to create a top notch look, but no matter how cool that is, admiring it is the furthest we can do about it. This Fall, the runaway is being awesome to us, there are so many look that we can recreate easily at home from the gothic looking lippies to bronzy eyes.

Mascara 101

Mascara 101 : 5 Common Mistakes We Need To Avoid

Mascara is one hell of an invention in beauty industry. It’s one small step but it certainly can do big to wake up the eyes. Wearing it seems easy, but things not always easy as it seems. There are some rules we need follow in order to get the desired result and things we need to avoid so we don’t do any harm to the eyes and the lashes itself. Here are 8 things you can avoid to bring the best of your lashes.


MAC Toledo Lipstick Swatches

Hi beautifoolers! Because we all fooled by the beauty of never ending product in the market, that’s me and that’s you, we just gotta admit it. Well, this post will talk about MAC Toledo Collection that have been released for a while at Plaza Senayan Jakarta.


Too Faced Melted Lipstick

I was tempted by the packaging and the range colour available, especially the nudes one. They have both pinky and brown undertone nude lippies, so awwdowable. I was so excited the first time i get it as an addition to my kit. Later on when i tried, it’s a little bit turn off for me. I don’t know where it came from but i thought this liquified lipstick has a matte finish, well it’s not baby, and it’s not anyone fault but my own.


The Perfect Product To Dress Your Brows

Brows, i think we just can’t care less when we do our makeup. For some people it’s everything because it give such a huge difference to the face. It does frame out the face. That’s why you need to find the perfect product to dress your brows.


Soft Glam Smoky Eyes

I wish you have a good hair day today. Mine wasn’t at its best, but i think still photogenic enough to let me take some pictures. So today i’m gonna show you how i apply soft glam smoky eyes without using any glitter.


All Eyes On Mac Palettes

For me, there’re two makeup products that i can’t get enough, eyeshadow as well as lipstick. And so i can’t hesitate my self to take these babies home. It’s not a secret that MAC has a really good product, including it’s best selling eyeshadow. From their collection : Eyes on MAC, they launch a times 9 and times 15 mac palettes where each of it has day and night shades with both shimmery and matte finish. These items would be your most convenient palette for travelling, especially their times 9. Here’s with me, times 9 palette in Navy, Burgundy, and Amber.


Gold is The New Black

Hi! Finally made it to the blog again. I’ve been doing makeup evry fckn day and night because i’ve been struggling with my monolid eyes. I want to do different thing from what i usually did with my eyes. I’m trying cut crease and this centre highlighted eyeshadow and this one so far my fave.


Smudgeproof Maybelline Master GRAPHIC Marker Eyeliner

Eyeliner was the first makeup i learned to wear, it was such a big part of my makeup, a must, well it’s still my fave makeup to wear tho. My fave eyeliner was Maybelline hypergloss eyeliner, but i guess this time is the right time to say goodbye! I must say that i’m head over heels with this liquid marker eyeliner. It’s super good and works like magic. It’s fingers-snap easy and fast to get your perfect flicked eyeliner done. As you can see down below it has triangle pointed, just like highlighter pen and when you turn it 90 degree you can actually benefit from its pointed shape to create that flick i mentioned earlier.

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