Sensatia : When Organic Takes Over

It’s always a plus when we talk about product which stand on the organic side. People nowadays not only intrigued by the function of a product alone, they are smarter to seek more about what is the product made of.

kerashine cover

Philips Kerashine Experience

It can’t be more true when you heard, hair is a woman’s crown. Driven to have a good hair look and hairstyle, people willing to abuse their hair with high level heat and chemical. In daily basis I use hairdryer to dry out the hair and then continue with styling iron, either the flat one or curling iron.


Purbasari Matte Lipstick

I always love when inexpensive makeup goes above and beyond what is expected of the quality, like these Purbasari matte lipsticks. I didn’t know until I read people rave about it on the internet, praised it and aggressively hunt it down. So i decided to joint the hunt and here i am with only 6 amazing shades out of 10.


7 Home Remedies You Want To Know Better Before You Put It On Your Face

I have to admit that it is tempting to see all the home remedies beauty hacks on Pinterest. They looks


The Beauty Of Oil

I’m perpetually fall for oil beauty products since the first time I introduced my self to rose hip oil. To


Golden Brown

If you are looking for makeup tutorial to attend a night event such a wedding party, charity night, fancy dinner


This Is How You Reuse Your Lashes Up To 10 Times

It’s a common thing to reuse your fave faux lashes again and again and again, especially if you take a

the clinic cipete

Clinic ID Beautylosohpy Experience : Oxygeneo Facial & Eye Bags Treatment

“I don’t want a clear, bright, radiant, hydrated, and smooth skin” said no one ever. Everyone will try to maintenance and improve their skin condition, so do I. As I wear makeup in daily basis and sometimes really heavy makeup involving face painting and spfx I would love to give more attention to my skin.


Cut Crease For Monolid

Do you wear eyelid tapes to create the double eyelid effect? I do, but not when I go outside the house. I just don’t like how the eye makeup look when my eyes are closed with the eyelid tape on it.


Halloween Makeup Vol.3 : Big Bad Wolf

Unlike the first two post in Halloween edition makeup tutorial, in this post i’ll share with you guys a couple Halloween look for boys/girls. The themes is based on European fairy tale : Little Red Riding Hood. I’ll share with you how to do your makeup as Litte Red Riding Hood as well, read the tutorial here.


Halloween Makeup Vol.3 : Little Red Riding Hood

This is a series tutorial related with the Big Bad Wolf tutorial here. In this tutorial, i’ll implement a little bit SPFX makeup for the scratch on the Little Red Riding Hood’s cheek. As for the rest of the makeup, it will be easy and simple, using a usual beauty makeup.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Halloween Makeup Vol.2 : Bunny Kitty

Yes, you read it right, Bunny Kitty. And what the hell was that? Well, it’s just a result from my stupidity

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