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De Hair : Ouch-Free Hair Removal Treatment

It’s not a new thing that we get rid our hairs in some area for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. For


BH Liquid Lipstick in Muse

It’s not my daily wear colour to wear, but to me, it’s an interesting one to try on. I’ve been looking for a grey-ish or any dull lip colour but to find the right one is not easy.


Toothbrush Style Makeup Brush

I’ve been wanting to try this toothbrush style makeup brush since the first time I saw a set of Artis Brush


Beauty Avengers What?

You might heard or saw some Instagram posting related to #SariayuBeautyAvengersChallenge, but what this Sariayu Beauty Avengers Challenge is really


Flawless & Glam

Be Your Own Make Up Artist When it comes to wedding preparation, makeup is one thing that become a big


Miss Indonesia 2016 Awarding Night with Sariayu

I was Invited to join the  festivity of Miss Indonesia 2016 awarding night at Studio 14 RCTI. The event started around


4 Face Mist For Instant Hydrate

We all need something that can provide us an instant boost of freshness, especially if we spent most of the time outdoor with a lot of sun exposure also when we spent our time in air-conditioned room the whole day. They will likely run your skin dry and face mist is all you need for an easy-to-go hydration.


The Red Rule

At Midnight It was a Chinese New Year’s Eve, right after everyone’s about to hit the bed at midnight time,


The Year Of Monkey : A CNY Makeup Tutorial

Chinese New Year is around the corner and here it is my makeup tutorial to make the celebration even more festive. Using a lite brown and a sparks of gold, the look is going to be glam and classy. Here’s how I did the face, eyes, lips & cheeks, then last but not least, the hair.


Dreamy Lens : I Got My Eyes On You

For me, life is too bored to wear one colour the whole time, so does with my eyes. Truly, I’m thankful for what I have but the fact is I also admiring how beautiful the jewel like and bigger looking eyes.


My Brow Routine With Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper

In my makeup routine, brows are essential and a must. Without it I feel bald and partly naked. Some people are fortunate enough to have a thick brow hair, but not everyone share the same fate.


Skin Food Royal Honey Cushion : Korean Skin Korean Product

I used to refuse to buy Korean face makeup again after my last purchase, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream. Back then I’m still new to the beauty world and have no idea about how big deal skin tone is when it comes to choose your foundation.

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