Beauty Avengers What?

Mar 30, 2016,

You might heard or saw some Instagram posting related to #SariayuBeautyAvengersChallenge, but what this Sariayu Beauty Avengers Challenge is really about? It’s a friendly competition and collaboration of 10 beauty bloggers/vloggers featuring 10 best finalist of Miss Indonesia & 10 Indonesian top fashion designers. On the event, each beauty bloggers/vloggers would paired up with one of Miss Indonesia 2016 finalists and did a makeover. We also need to choose what dress they will wear then do the makeup in 30 minutes!!

The event started after lunch time, we were briefed about whatever things need to be done and the timeline throughout the day. We will be paired with one Miss Indonesia finalist, and our jobs are to choose one of the wardrobe piece for our Miss Indonesia partner then get their makeup done in 30 minutes sharp. Crazy huh!?


In this challenge, not only we have to beat the time given, all bloggers/vloggers need to be fast and quick thinking. We have to choose the most suitable wardrobe for our partner and elaborate a well designed makeup that will suit the wardrobe. It’s getting my nerves as we about to start choosing the wardrobe, everyone is running at the same time towards a narrowed doors. Chaos. We all did panicking and laughing silently. This is fun, I said to myself.

I get the honor to be paired with Miss Jambi, Naomi. I was nervous and tense but it’s all gone as I started a conversation with Naomi. She’s a very kind, humble, friendly, and smart. During the makeup process she helped me to calm my anxiousness and been very supporting. I didn’t have to go through all that cold silent, because she was all about that chit chat person. We were talking about her study, beauty tips, skin care, career, and many more.

Here’s a picture of Naomi wearing the wardrobe that I choose for her. It’s Didi Budiarjo dress, a trumpet dress with a straight neckline cut. It’s red with beautiful flower pattern all over the dress. On top of the pattern, there are beautiful embroidery details and stitched beads that sync with the pattern. The dress successfully represents the beauty of woman and our culture in such a humble luxury.


After all Miss Indonesia finalists finished with the fitting, we all were prepare to begin the 30 minutes makeup challenge. Every pair of finalist and beauty blogger take their place and position; Brushes, makeup kit and any tools needed is prepared; Lighting, camera, and all crew is ready, then in 1.. 2.. 3.. We all begin at the same time, everyone is seems to go as fast as they can and trying so hard not to be panic or losing the grip.

As usual, I begin my makeup from the the base then going from the brow to the lips. I adore how good Naomi’s skin is. I don’t need to do much to get a good base. Next, I define her brow with Sariayu eyebrow pencil and create a soft arched brows. In this look, I will go with a strong red lip, so I wanted to tune down the eyes. I use a gradation of champagne shimmery eyeshadow and dark warm brown, then of course eyeliner and mascara. Finish with eyes, I quickly grab my contour brush to give more depth to where it needed, like temple, nose, hollow beneath the cheek bone and jawline. I also want to add some freshness to the face, so I brushed a little amount of blush on the apple of the cheek then blend it backwards. Last but not least, the lips.


It took longer than I thought to finish the lips, wearing a bold lips like red takes time because you will need to make sure you have a clean lines and shape the lips accordingly. As all the crew and team from Sariayu countdown the time, I speed up and be the best as I can be to finish the makeup. Of course I made it, severals second before the time is up. So here we are with our tired but happy face. LOL.


See you guys in  my next post!


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