How To Wear Your Blush

Jun 11, 2014,

Blush can help perfecting your look but it also depends on the placement of it, the right placement can help you to make the most of your face shape. With certain placement it gives you certain purpose to create a certain look. Just read along and you’ll see what i mean. In this post i will share three blush placements that will help you to decide how you want to wear your blush to enhance the whole makeup job. First placement is on The Apple Of The Cheek. Placing your blush on the apple of the cheek will add roundness to you face, be sure to avoid this if you have round face since it’s just going to make your face even more round.  As for the other face, it will add more colour to your face, widening the narrow face  and develop the healthy youthful appearance.


Second placement will require you to locate your cheek bone, because you’re gonna put your blush Along The Cheek Bone which you can wear for day look. Blush with this placement multi task as a highlight for the face and create a healthy glow. Usually worn for the Bridal look.

IMG_0643 IMG_0660 IMG_0716b

Last placement would be Under The Cheek Bone, people with wide face will benefit from this placement to thin out the face. Comparing to the other placement of blush, this one will create more dramatic look, therefor it will be most suitable to wear this placement for evening/night look.

IMG_0747 IMG_0763

Now that you know, don’t hold back yourself to try each one to see which one you’ll like the most. We look prettiest when we wear our confidence! Get comfortable with your self and stay happy!


  • Hi, I want to say that I really loooove your web! The posts are inspiring; now I know how to feel beauty with just one click!

    Well, I’d like to know when was the first time you learned make up technique? Did you learn it by yourself?

    Looking forward for your response. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Ester! Thanks a lot for the love. I’m soooooo happy to hear it from you, i hope i can keep sharing useful things for you and everyone else in the future. Please don’t hesitate if you want to ask me to make any tutorial or review. I’ll try to make one. 🙂

      I started my make up study on nov 2013, i was doing short course and learn the basic make up. It was my turning point, because since then my interest on makeup developed and getting bigger. Sometimes i practice my makeup by duplicating the look from youtube. (Thank God we live in this internet friendly era!) By the end of the 2013 I quit my job and decided to get serious in makeup industry. After that i enrolled at makeup school in Sydney to learn wider range of makeup technique and style.


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