How To Boost You Eyeshadow Color & Make It Last Longer

Mar 31, 2017,

Every time I bought a palette, most of them has that one (or two) eyeshadow with poor pigmentation and it’s even more awful when it’s the fave color. Fortunately, there’s something we can do about it. I would love to share 4 products that can be used as an eyeshadow base to make the color more vibrant. Not only boost the eyeshadow color, the product can also be used to make the makeup stay longer.

1.Setting Spray

I used to love wetting my brush with water so I can get a better pigmentation of eyeshadow. But then I thought, why not just use setting spray instead of water, since people using it to make their makeup last longer, and so I did it before I dip my brush to the eyeshadow. I usually use it with shimmer eyeshadow to get a better shine and pigmentation, and it actually works wonder!

2. Stick Foundation

It started from my limitation, when my makeup kit was very little and I have no eye base/primer with me. I try to substitute it with foundation. For me, it’s enough to make the eyeshadow color pop even more dan stay longer since I don’t really have a problem with oily lids. Do avoid using it if you have oily lids, because stick foundation tends to be creamy and oily, also, it doesn’t really have the ability to lock the oil under the makeup. But if you really have to use foundation as your eyes base, use the powder liquid one.

Compared to the other, the result from using stick foundation as a base give a smoother texture, while the others might be a bit cracking and felt thick. The color is also more intense than the setting spray and eye primer, but it’s equal to the creme eyeshadow.

3. Eye Primer

Unlike the other products which I used as a double-purposed product, eye primer is actually made for the eye base to make your eyeshadow last longer. Nowadays, they are available in various finish like matte, shimmery, they also come in white or skin-toned shade. Choose based on your skin needs or look purpose.

4. Creme Eyeshadow

Even tho it comes in pencil shape, it’s has a creme consistency inside and I prefer it that way. It’s not easily dried-out and easy to apply. But what I’m trying to point out here is how the dark-colored base can give you a good contrast and bring out the best of your eyeshadow.


Overall, I think eye primer is useful to define and strengthen the pigmentation of eyeshadow. But you gotta find the one that suits your need. If you want more glow use the shimmer base, if you want more contrast use white or black colored base, etc.  For the texture, I think it’s safe for me to say Etude Play 101 Stick Foundation is the best since it appears smooth and nice on top of the skin and for the longevity I will vote for Sephora Pencil Eyeshadow followed by MAC 24-Hours Extended Eye Base. I try to remove the swatches using a cleansing oil, and they are the last two that stay on the skin.

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  • kamu harus coba pake vaseline petroleum jelly, nivea after shave balm atau pake pore eraser spt maybelline baby skin/benefit porefessional itu juga bagus 🙂

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