Faux Lashes 101 for Monoliders

Sep 16, 2016,

The first time I learned makeup, applying a faux lashes would be a horror part for me. It’s more of a traumatic scene than a magical eye transformation. Every time I got picked as a bridesmaid, I had my makeup done with my barely-opened eyes because the makeup artist misplaced the faux lashes. I swear it’s one of the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, not to mention I had to wear it the whole day.

But it’s unbearable, lashes has a big role making the eyes look alive and bigger. The thing is, it’s not the easiest thing to do to it right. Not only we have to find the most compatible one among a hundred style, we also need to master the right technique for certain eyes shape on each individual.

Based on my nightmare story, I’m intrigued to share some tips and trick to install your faux lashes, so you don’t have the same nightmare. Especially if you have a monolid and a dead straight natural lashes like me.


Use Lashes Primer

My holygrail is Dr. Mascara Fixer from Etude Huse. Even tho it says Mascara, the product itself is not a mascara but coating prime which can built more volume and length for the lashes. The formula comes in transparent, makes it no-mess and easy to apply. You just use it like wearing your regular mascara then wait for approximately 2 mins.

lash curler

Get It Curls

By curling, my dead straight lashes will going up and give that extra lifting on the eye lids, making the eyes look more wide open, even creating a crease.


Be Selective When It Comes To Faux Lashes

When picking up a faux lashes, what concern me the most are the material and the style so it will be comfy and suitable for my eyes shape. Choose the one that closest to our natural hair rather than the plastic one, usually the plastic material will look shiny and reflect any lights.

For the style I prefer the one that long on the centre or outer part of the lashes, and on the inner corners I prefer when it’s short. It’s not just a matter of taste of style, but also how it works on my eyes. The one with long lashes in the centre will open my eyes more, and the one that long on the outer corner will create a flirty look and the eyes will look wider. The short inner corner is prefered because it will more comfy in the eyes and more natural looking. When applying them, you don’t want to forget measuring them first to fit the length of your eyes, cut it from the outer part if it’s too long.


Closed or Opened Eyes

Closed or opened might not be the issue here for me, but you want to make sure that you install your faux lashes closest to the base of your lashes and point your lashes up not flat or even going down. It’s necessary to make sure the faux lashes not blocking your sight.


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