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May 17, 2016,


It was the first week of this month when PAC, launched District X in Jakarta Food Fashion Festival at Atrium Mall Kelapa Gading 3. Me and other blogger including @cherylraissa, @minyo33, @ririeprams, @nonahikaru, and @buleipotan was invited to the event and participated in a beauty class with Kiky Lutan, which happens to be one of Indonesian celebrity MUA such as Luna Maya and Ashanty.

Here in the Our main role is to lead and guide the beauty class participants in a small group. So each one of us will lead more or less 5 person and give them the help they needed. (as each individuals will have different features of their face and so personalisation will be a huge factor here) Trust me, nothing is more fun than sharing tips and playing makeup with other girls like sisters do.

On the beauty class session, everyone is using the latest collection from PAC, District X which comes in such a bright and neon kind of bold colour in their eyeshadow palette also their new District X Lasting Finish Lipstick that ranging from nude browny colour to the bright pink, orange and even deep red. (Look the entire lipstick collection here)

Yey! I Bring One Home

I guess PAC is prepared for summer mood, and so do I! Colourful makeup is not a safe and common one, but it’s so fun and really catchy to play with. I know we don’t really celebrate summer as we only have either dry or wet season, and mostly we always feel hot here in Indonesia. Well, that’s not a legit reason to not having fun with summer style makeup or festival makeup  or quirky runway makeup or… get creative with your makeup. Now since I have with me a District X Palette and lipstick, let me show you what I can do with it.

So I’ve got 3 eyeshadow in Ladies Night (blue), V for Violet (purple), and So What (pink) from District X Palette then two District X Lasting Finish Lipstick in Who Is That? and Dawny, lastly I’ve got a black pencil liner. In this post I’m going to create a daily makeup look and one face painting like makeup. (I actually got the blush in Barely There (a soft neutral pink) but I’ll just double agent my pink eyeshadow as the blush too)

1. Daily Look

This is how I embrace pop colours makeup but still looks suitable for your daily look. Either formal occasion or just casual hang out with the gang around the city you can absolutely rocking this look and even turn it into a night party look by swapping the lip colour into the darker one. You’ll look stunning, I promise.

2. Go Wild

Now this one is the look that inspired by my current fave artist @kimberleymargarita_ who really go out with vivid colours in her makeup. I love her approach on every look she made. Most of them included water activated paint and of course a bright, neon-like pressed powder pigments, just like what I have here in my District X costumized palette. In this look I use it for my eyeshadow, nose contour, on corners of my mouth, and down to the neck.


PRESSED PIGMENT :  I’ll give it 7 out of 10 for colour pay off and for some colours that’s make it perfect, because it’s easier to use when we want to create transition colour and we could just build up by pressing the pigments onto the skin. Another tricks, you can use primer to increase the colour intensity or just foundation if your skin is normal type, means you haven’t got that overproduction oil on your skin.

LIPSTICK : It’s a non-sticky creamy formulated lipstick that glides smoothly on ur lips and it comes with medium to full coverage as you layer it. To me the lipstick works just fine but I feel that the deep curve of the bullet is a little bit strange and it’s too pointy for the first use. However, that’s not a big deal to me as it will be in a usual shape after several use or you could just simply use lip brush. As usual, creamy lipstick won’t stay forever but it provides you the comfort feel that matte lipstick never give. Several touch ups after eating and drinking will be necessary to maintain the colour.

EYELINER : This is not the most black you can get from a black eyeliner and the formula is not too creamy but more like a crayon. Surprisingly, I like the pencil, especially for my lower lash line. Whenever I use the creamy black eyeliner on my lower lash, I feel like my makeup looks clumpy because it’s clinging to my under lashes and that makes my under lash a little to dark, somehow I look fierce in a villain-character way not the megan-fox way. So yeah, this is my go to eyeliner for lower lash now. As for my lash line and my winged eyeliner, I might need more intensity and smoother formula that could glides easily to achieve that clean edges and pointy ends.

Conclusion & Tips

Comes with a tin pencil-case style packaging, this costumized palette has already include the crucial stuffs for decorative makeup like the eyeshadows, the blush, the lipsticks, and an eyeliner pencil. It’s suitable for travelling and would be even more perfect with mirror inside I guess. If you wanted a go to palette for travelling the I suggest you to fill the eyeshadow with Hot Chelsea (brown), So What (pink), and The Factory (champagne). With the brown eyeshadow you will be able to double task it as an eyeshadow and contouring, the pink will be use for the blush, and the champagne can be double task as the eyeshadow and highlighter.

I hope you found the review somewhat useful and please comment down below if you have any questions or if you had tried it out, lemme know what ur thoughts on this products. Love you guys!


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