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May 5, 2016,

It’s not a new thing that we get rid our hairs in some area for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. For all that, we are willing to go through a painful process like waxing or IPL. Some others are able to tolerate the pain, but for the rest it’s just unbearable as their skin might be more sensitive.

Last week, I’ve been invited by De Hair to try their service and experience their ouch-free hair removal treatment. But before I agree to give it a try, I need to know what exactly I will go through with and so I digging more information related to the technology, the procedure, how it works, etc.


Technology Speaking

De Hair is providing a hair removal treatment with latest laser technology from USA that targets only the melanin in the hair, that way it can attack on the follicle, a tiny pocket where hairs will grow. This will resulting more effective, fast, and pain-free hair removal – unlike the IPL that scatters an array of different light wavelengths (think of a light bulb) into the skin at different depth (not focused on hair follicles).

With their advance laser technology, the treatment will also works perfectly for sensitive area without a hint of pain like other method. Here’s why, with this technology there’s no physical aggression to the skin like what waxing does and with IPL, some of the light cannot be absorbed into the skin tissue and this will lead to pigment heating which can caused a burnt skin for darker skin type. That’s why people with sensitive and darker skin type cannot proceed with IPL treatment.

Room Preview

Inside the room you will find a decent and super clean bed for the treatment. As you can see on the right photo, the bed is covered with brand new paper roll and changed for each client. On the right side of the bed, there’s a side table for all treatment tools and on the left side of the bed there’s a laser treatment machine. The room also comes with a 20-ish inch of flat TV that will accompany you along the treatment.

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The Treatment

It begin with wipes to clean and sterilize the treated area then following by shaving the existence hairs using a manual razor. The nurse then will spread a cool clear gel for lubrication, making the dual-tipped sapphire lasers machine moves easily on top of the skin. This is the main part where the treatment actually happens, the laser disrupting the function of the hair follicle and stopping the hair to grow. During this phase, do expect to feel some gradually increase heat as the treatment going on. And as they said, nothing is painful though the first time might be feels a bit tense or scary.

For each side of treated area, it will takes less than 5 minutes including 100 secs for the laser. Isn’t that fast? I love how time-efficient it is but resulting a long lasting effect.



The latest laser technology at De Hair is really good and safe for any skin type even the sensitive one and darker type of skin since it’s pain-free and only targeting the follicles and not the skin or tissues in our body. It’s even safe for treating a highly sensitive area like the face and Brazilian area, so I can say that they are safer for the skin in general compared to the other kind of treatment.

Result wise, I think it’s very effective because the technology treated the area with focusing on the hair follicle, right where the hair grows. That’s why the result can be seen relatively fast (depends on your hormonal factor too). I would recommend De Hair for all of you especially if you have a major issue with pain. Now you can get a clean beautiful hairless skin too in such a convenient way.


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