The Year Of Monkey : A CNY Makeup Tutorial

Feb 6, 2016,

Chinese New Year is around the corner and here it is my makeup tutorial to make the celebration even more festive. Using a lite brown and a sparks of gold, the look is going to be glam and classy. Here’s how I did the face, eyes, lips & cheeks, then last but not least, the hair.


Good makeup always started with a good base, used a product that suitable for your skin type and skin tone, never leave them behind. It will make your foundation looks better and stay longer.

I’m starting my makeup with rose face mist from Mario Badescu to hydrate my skin. This year we will see more dewy skin on the runway and magazine as it’s become this year skin trend.
Next I apply my Play 101 Stick from Etude House in shade no.4 that has a build-able medium to full coverage with semi matte finish. Apply directly or you can use brush to spread the product.
Now buff and blend out the foundation evenly with foundation or buffing brush. If you like, feel free to use your fingers too.
After that, I didn’t set with any powder, but if you are more on the oily-side type of skin, please do set it with powder for long lasting result.


Apply a medium brown eyeshadow just all over the lid and do aware that no harsh line allowed, this will help create a soft eye makeup look.
Now using Play 101 Stick, put it close to the lashes then blend it with ring finger gently. This will do as the base for your eyeshadow.
On top of the blended base, press down a gold eyeshadow and build the intensity as you desired. Do it carefully to minimize the fall out all over the face.
Then I use a liquid eyeliner to make a fine and thin line that flicked outwards. If you have larger lid, then you can go bolder to adjust your eye shape.

After I finished with the eyes, I apply foundation again just to have more coverage and cleaner look. If you happens to have too much fall out wipe it first with baby wipes or makeup remover. Other way, you can do your eye makeup first rather than your foundation.


Lips & Cheeks

This is optional, if you want more defined and slimmer nose and don’t have the fortune to born with it like me, just work it out with contouring.
Next is adding some rosy tone to the face to make it look fresher. First dab on your apple cheek then blend it backwards to your ear. As always, blend.
On the lip, i go with Terracotta which has brown and pink tone, almost look like my original lip colour, but better. You can choose any colour you like, but I avoid using red again as it’s too much red already for a day. Alternatively, you can go for nude lipstick for even softer look.  


Now to complete the whole look, hair must never look neglected. There’s no point having a good makeup on when your hair looks bad. So here are some simple hair we can always do on our own even we’re not a pro hairstylist :

Half Ponytail

High Ponytail

Salon Blow Dried

Classic Bun

To everyone whom welcoming and celebrating the year of Monkey, I’m wishing you a new year full of  prosperity, joy, and success. Happy Chinese New Year, Gox Xi Fat Cai!

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