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First Eyelash Extensions Experience at Lashtique

Eyelash extension is nothing to be afraid for, you just need to dig some information and get to know more about how’s the procedure done, where’s the good place to get it done, how you maintain its longevity, what to do and don’t, etc. In this post below I’m going to share a full experience of my first eyelash extension at Lashtique.


Bio Essence Royal Jelly + ATP

Jujur aja aku jarang denger kandungan Royal Jelly dalam produk skin care, atau paling enggak itu bukan ingredients favorite-ku. Biasanya aku lebih memilih yang standar seperti teh hijau, madu, mawar, dll. Tapi ternyata ada alasan kuat lho kenapa Royal Jelly digunakan dalam industri makanan dan kecantikan.


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse : The Multi Purpose Oil

Bagi penggemar skin care, brand NUXE nggak lagi asing ditelinga. Sejak hadir di Sephora Indonesia, sekarang nyari brand ini gak


Lucious Lips with ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick

In the midst of matte lipstick glorious era, sometimes I do left my lips bare without any single product on top of it because eventually, I get tired of dry and tight lips situation and how matte lipstick accentuate the lines on my lips which looks so unattractive.


District X by PAC : Get Ready For Splashes Of Colours

It was the first week of this month when PAC, launched District X in Jakarta Food Fashion Festival at Atrium Mall Kelapa Gading 3. Me and other blogger including @cherylraissa, @minyo33, @ririeprams, @nonahikaru, and @buleipotan was invited to the event and participated in a beauty class with Kiky Lutan, which happens to be one of Indonesian celebrity MUA such as Luna Maya and Ashanty.

cover de hair

De Hair : Ouch-Free Hair Removal Treatment

It’s not a new thing that we get rid our hairs in some area for hygienic and aesthetic reasons. For


BH Liquid Lipstick in Muse

It’s not my daily wear colour to wear, but to me, it’s an interesting one to try on. I’ve been looking for a grey-ish or any dull lip colour but to find the right one is not easy.


Toothbrush Style Makeup Brush

I’ve been wanting to try this toothbrush style makeup brush since the first time I saw a set of Artis Brush


4 Face Mist For Instant Hydrate

We all need something that can provide us an instant boost of freshness, especially if we spent most of the time outdoor with a lot of sun exposure also when we spent our time in air-conditioned room the whole day. They will likely run your skin dry and face mist is all you need for an easy-to-go hydration.


Dreamy Lens : I Got My Eyes On You

For me, life is too bored to wear one colour the whole time, so does with my eyes. Truly, I’m thankful for what I have but the fact is I also admiring how beautiful the jewel like and bigger looking eyes.


My Brow Routine With Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Sharper

In my makeup routine, brows are essential and a must. Without it I feel bald and partly naked. Some people are fortunate enough to have a thick brow hair, but not everyone share the same fate.


Skin Food Royal Honey Cushion : Korean Skin Korean Product

I used to refuse to buy Korean face makeup again after my last purchase, The Face Shop Power Perfection BB cream. Back then I’m still new to the beauty world and have no idea about how big deal skin tone is when it comes to choose your foundation.