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Miss Indonesia 2016 Awarding Night with Sariayu

I was Invited to join the  festivity of Miss Indonesia 2016 awarding night at Studio 14 RCTI. The event started around


The Red Rule

At Midnight It was a Chinese New Year’s Eve, right after everyone’s about to hit the bed at midnight time,


The Year Of Monkey : A CNY Makeup Tutorial

Chinese New Year is around the corner and here it is my makeup tutorial to make the celebration even more festive. Using a lite brown and a sparks of gold, the look is going to be glam and classy. Here’s how I did the face, eyes, lips & cheeks, then last but not least, the hair.


American & Korean Makeup Comparison

Basically my makeup style is a little bit of both American and Korean style, but before i found my own personal style I do follow each one of the style, one at a time. Learning and observing both style, I discover the interpretation of beauty from each culture is different and all I do is embrace them. They are different, but doesn’t mean one is better than another because they both has their own beauty. We just need to find the one that most suitable for ur skin and style.



It’s always mesmerising to see the pro experimenting splash of colours and using so many different medium to create a top notch look, but no matter how cool that is, admiring it is the furthest we can do about it. This Fall, the runaway is being awesome to us, there are so many look that we can recreate easily at home from the gothic looking lippies to bronzy eyes.


Gold is The New Black

Hi! Finally made it to the blog again. I’ve been doing makeup evry fckn day and night because i’ve been struggling with my monolid eyes. I want to do different thing from what i usually did with my eyes. I’m trying cut crease and this centre highlighted eyeshadow and this one so far my fave.


Face Paint Of The Day : Primary Colours

Doing makeup is quite like doing painting but using the face as the canvas and today i literally paint my face. I’ve been meaning to do this a while ago but i also have a lot more makeup look i want to do, but today is the day. I decided to do this painting kind of look for my face paint today


Soak & Sinking

I was scrolling up on Pinterest page when the first time i intrigued by this bathtub photoshoot session. It was dreamy, sexy, beautiful, and challenging. Of course it is, since i have to do all the stuff from makeup, taking photos, and editing. Tripod was my only companion and it was bothersome to taking photos with tripod from top angle, and also a bit scary knowing the fact there’s a chance your camera will likely splash down into the water. A total nightmare!


Groovy Retreat

Talking about 60’s makeup, means groovy, colours, dolly, big eyes look with upper and lower lashes. The focus of the makeup is to get that big eyes with bright colour on the lid, highlight on the brow bone, and stacks of lashes on the top, and also painted lashes on the bottom. Another big part for 60’s look is the hair, in this era they all have big big massive volumes hair with curls at the bottom of it. Now, let me elaborate for you how i did what i always love to do, the makeup.


Cleopatra Of Egypt

If should i can point out one thing why i do love make up so much, it’s because the way it can transform us physically into someone else, something else. Not that i don’t love my own appearance, my bare skin, my naked face. Fact is i do love it as much as i’d love to put some makeup on.


Lime & Emerald

Makeup was not meant to be beauty enhancer alone, it serve the purpose to bring us pleasure, confidence, and also generates good mood. I was thinking what i’m going to wear today. I’ve got a visual of positive vibe colours and bright one definitely, so it will goes along with my current cheerful mood. And so i decided to use lime and emerald green eyeshadow together to pumped up the mood, also brings such positivity and sense of youthfulness at the same time.


SPFX : Bruises and Cuts

For me, one way to do a SPFX makeup for bruises and cuts is by a lot of research. By research we observe how the placement of the bruise on body parts, how the colours appear on the skin just after the accident or sometime later on, or which direction the blood runs in certain position, it’s all logical but still, reference will develop your way of thinking to a better logic in a difficult scenario. The one that might never happen to you before or rarely seen even on TV.