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How To Boost You Eyeshadow Color & Make It Last Longer

Everytime I bought a palette, most of them has that one (or two) eyeshadow with poor pigmentation. It’s even more awful when it’s our fave color. Fortunately, there’s something we can do about it. I would love to share 4 products that can be used as an eyeshadow base to make the color more vibrant. Not only boost the eyeshadow colour, seem of the product can also be used to make the makeup stay longer


Faux Lashes 101 for Monoliders

It’s unbearable, lashes has a big role making the eyes look alive and bigger. The thing is, it’s not the easiest thing to do to it right. Not only we have to find the most compatible one among a hundred style, we also need to master the right technique for certain eyes shape on each individual.


7 Home Remedies You Want To Know Better Before You Put It On Your Face

I have to admit that it is tempting to see all the home remedies beauty hacks on Pinterest. They looks


The Beauty Of Oil

I’m perpetually fall for oil beauty products since the first time I introduced my self to rose hip oil. To


This Is How You Reuse Your Lashes Up To 10 Times

It’s a common thing to reuse your fave faux lashes again and again and again, especially if you take a

Mascara 101

Mascara 101 : 5 Common Mistakes We Need To Avoid

Mascara is one hell of an invention in beauty industry. It’s one small step but it certainly can do big to wake up the eyes. Wearing it seems easy, but things not always easy as it seems. There are some rules we need follow in order to get the desired result and things we need to avoid so we don’t do any harm to the eyes and the lashes itself. Here are 8 things you can avoid to bring the best of your lashes.


How To Wear Your Blush

Blush can help perfecting your look but it also depends on the placement of it, the right placement can help


Your True Match Foundation

Having a match¬†foundation colour is essential to create flawless look, whether it’s casual beauty look or going crazy look. Applying