American & Korean Makeup Comparison

Oct 6, 2015,

Basically my makeup style is a little bit of both American and Korean style, but before i found my own personal style I do follow each one of the style, one at a time. Learning and observing both style, I discover the interpretation of beauty from each culture is different and all I do is embrace them. They are different, but doesn’t mean one is better than another because they both has their own beauty. We just need to find the one that most suitable for ur skin and style. By this comparison, I didn’t mean to say that these are the only way to do the makeup, this is just some general points that i often found in each style. So here it is some highlighted points to follow when you are about to do Korean or American makeup style :


When it comes to complexion, American makeup is all about matching your skin colour or using slightly a darker shade. They also love a matte finish skin, and currently with extra glow on the high points of the face which they called strobing. Meanwhile, on Korean makeup style, people are crazy about the bright clear skin with a pink undertone. Therefor they love to use  a brightening or colour correcting primer to reduce any redness or dark spots so they can achieve a clear skin. As for the foundation they love to wear a liquid and cream foundation to get that positively wet/oily look on the skin to represent a hydrated and healthy skin.


If you see American makeup style nowadays, the most brows style you can find is thick and arched brows. It can be soft arched, high, or pointed, resulting a dramatic and the it girl effect.

On the other hands, Korean brows are straight and subtle on the edge while the American has a prominent and super clean outline for the brows. The keys for American is to use an intense colour to fill the brows with either gel based product or pomade then clean the edges with foundation. And for the Korean use powder product and give it a good brush to soften the colour and the edge.


The common style for American eye makeup is to emphasizing the crease using a three or more colour on the lid, then a pair of winged eyeliner, thick and long lashes.

As for Korean, it’s the opposite of it, Korean like a  shimmery shadows with softer colour because they intent to keep the makeup on the bright side as their skin is, they also fancy an eyeliner but just in a different style. It’s following their natural eye shape, droopy and round called the puppy eyes as they share the same innocent looking eyes.


Shading techniques is not used a lot in Korea. To achieve bright skin, means we can’t add more dark colour on the face, but still, they need to do that instant nose job with a subtle brown colour. All for that slimmer and longer effect on the nose. American? They use shading and highlighting technique to bring the best of their face. Not only make their face appear slimmer and sharp in shape, it also add colour which give it some extra dimension to the face. Just apply it on your forehead, temple, under the cheek bone, nose, and jawline.


Go bold and intense for the American lips and never forget to draw the outline. They always love to have a well defined lips, you can even go bigger and fuller lip. With the Korean lips it’s the opposite, they don’t like a well defined lips, instead they put concealer or foundation to blend the natural lip line. The idea of their lips is a small rose bud lips with ombre effect.

 Finish Look

Overall, the look between American and Korean most of the time is on the opposite of each other. Korean always striving for a youthful looks with bright clear skin and soft decorative colour, when all American makeup shows us is maturity and bolder colour, and sometimes glamour. Both of them are great to learn and wear in various occasions, as i know more about the difference the more i can understand how makeup works on my face and what product to use to achieve certain result. You should too, try and learn both style. Exploring  the makeup means exploring yourself too, just give it a try you might never know what you’ll treasure.


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